Friday, August 24, 2007

The Nine Faces of Drew

Dina has bombarded me with wonderment lately. The most recent example of this has to be the St. Andrews Face Transformer, which makes you look goofy in ways you don't normally look goofy. For example, here are Dina's results.

I was sure to tell her that the fifth one makes her look remarkably like Zach Braff.

Here are the weirdos I look like:

Baby Drew

Child Drew

Old Man Drew

Afro-Caribbean Drew

Lady Drew
(or, apparently, lesbian pre-op FTM Drew)

West Asian Drew

Ape-Man Drew

Modigliani Drew

Botticelli Drew

Perhaps I shouldn't have picked a photo in which I'm not sporting stubble.


  1. I must say, Boticelli Drew is a Drew you want to hang on a wall.

  2. It's as if your face was made for that program. Flawless really...