Sunday, August 05, 2007

Don't Drink Wendy McCaw-Brand Vodka

A sticker I saw plastered in two spots at Old Kings Road yesterday:

The roughness of the photocopy and the suckiness of my cell phone camera make her face hard to discern, but that woman with the horns on her head is, in fact, Wendy McCaw, warrior-queen-dictatrix of the Santa Barbara News-Press. I initially didn't understand the reference in the text, however. Given that my knowledge of Russian history is fairly slim, I at first associated "Pravda" with the Vodka brand and figured that Mrs. McCaw apparently had a hand in that. Then a beat. Then, "Oh, Pravda." As in, less of the Vodka company and more of the now-defunct Russian Communist newspaper.

A nice pun, I guess, but I worry that the meaning will be lost on a population that — especially on Fiesta weekend — either will already be drunk on Pravda Vodka by the time they read it or just has no concept that the word could mean anything else.

My suggestion for the next round of anti-McCaw slogans: "Beware the squawk of the Macaw of Doom."


  1. "I worry that the meaning will be lost on a population ..."

    I think there are still enough of us around who aren't illiterate.

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    so random that i saw this. do you remember me? i think i know you through clarissa. are you the drew who used to intern at the indy? anyway, thanks for posting this, i totally saw this sticker at OKR and totally had to call my german friend.

  3. No, I never interned at the Indy. You must be thinking of Drew Atkins. People get us confused. Also, why did you call your German friend for a question about Pravda?

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I didn't get the Pravda thing until after your explanation. I like the sticker I've seen on a few cars: "I cancelled - have you?"

  5. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Pravda means Truth in Russian (and also Polish: Prawda) and such is the name of the newspaper (which is full of lies). This makes the whole thing more spicy, i think.