Sunday, August 19, 2007

Disco Ball of Deceit

I've been robbed, specifically of a meaningless snapshot I took of a disco ball that had somehow wandered into my room during my senior year of college. I uploaded the photo on Flickr some time ago. Then Google Alerts told me that this blog had used the picture — credited to me — in a post titled "Sucky." Of course, I had to look.

disco ball

The post title was not, after all, a judgment on my photography. But there my photo was nonetheless.

So I click it to see how much attention this particular photo had drawn since I uploaded it and it takes me to the photo page — on someone else's account. This makes me unhappy. Not that I'm territorial about my stuff or anything. I don't think my photos are all that good, and anybody who'd like to use them is welcome to. However, I'm boggled by the notion that someone would take a photo from Flickr and then re-upload it to Flickr with my screenname tagged onto it. You know, in case anybody searches Flickr for photos of "kidicarus222."

Confused, I did what I always do in these situations: I left a snotty comment.
Hi. I think this is my photo. Why did you upload it yourself? I would have let you use it for whatever you want had you asked.

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  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    then what?! geez, what a cliff-hanger.