Sunday, July 15, 2007

Theme of Top Man

Two emails I just sent that are proof I should not write to long-lost friends when I am tired. The first one was to Dave, to whom I have not spoken in some time. He knows why.

I signed onto MySpace because my email told me I had a message there from "Dave." I guess I forgot for a second that you're too cool to have your own space and, thus, deleted your profile. Needless to say, it wasn't you. The Dave in question did have exciting information about a place for me to meet exciting "girlz" in my area. I'd recommend you contact him, but his profile has probably been obliterated by the MySpace police already.

I guess what I'm asking is this: do YOU know where I can meet exciting girlz in my neighborhood?

Happy lobsters,
The second one ran with the subject line "Hi Meghan."
Hi Meghan (see email subject).

I thought of you three times recently. Once when Marcy and Moe and Taryn and a lot of other people were in town for the 4th. Don't feel bad for not showing up. It was nice to see Marcy and Adam. Moe is freckly now. Also, Katie was there and when I hugged her hello a bee that had apparently been sitting on my shoulder stung her on the cheek. Just like old times! Anyway, the whole thing was a mess for me, since I had an eye infection that started oozing that morning and I had to get antibiotics from urgent care. Don't get me wrong. Urgent care is great. It's just that the particular antibiotics they put me on came with the proviso that I shouldn't drink alcohol or be in the sun. You know, because nobody wants to be drunk and in the sun on Independence Day.

The second time I thought of you happened when I hired a new intern. Her name is Sheena. It's really weird, but she could totally be your sister. Only her name is too unusual. She's like a perfect combination of you and my friend Erika. Do you know Erika? Erika with brown hair? Did you and Erika somehow have a miracle baby together and name her Sheena and make her work for me at the paper? Because that would explain a lot.

Finally, I thought of you because I recently discovered a song that you should download. It's called "Lotion" and it's by The Greenskeepers. It's really catchy, if a little dark, but you of all people would get a kick out of it. You should really download it right now. It was on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack, I think, or at least featured on the show, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

In case you're wondering why I CCed Jill in this email, it's because I had initially wanted to email her as well, but now I am tired as today has been long and very trying. So instead of writing her an email, I'm sending her this one. Do you think Jill will like this? I think she will. I mean, she'd probably rather I had written her her own email, but like I said, I'm tired.

Bye, Meghan! Hope to hear from you soon! You're like a hundred times cooler than Jill.

As the letter implies, I did not, in fact, write Jill an email.

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