Monday, July 23, 2007

Some Things, Apparently, Cannot Be a Band Name

Figured I should probably post which bands names were, in fact, fake. They are as follows:
  • Onion Knight (a relic from my childhood playing Final Fantasy)
  • The Show-Me State (my disguising of a real band, The Maple State)
  • The Missing Ellsworth Arm (my Peyton Place reference)
  • Vilma (my attempted substitute for Milke)
  • Hattie Naggasoulou (my attempted substitute for Josephine Oniyama)
  • Cats Don't Dance (a Disney knock-off animated movie)
  • TwoKnights (pure Drew)
  • Industrial Soap Dispenser (nickname for Spencer)
  • Curse de Alley (a CD Aly burned for me)
  • Joe, Paige & Audrey (minor characters from Ellen, if I remember correctly)
  • Malo Malo (the Latin joke)
  • Bamboo Shoots (my joke on The Friendly Fires)
  • The Concentric Circles (probably is actually a real band, just not on this album)
  • Bindhi & Benday (as someone pointed out, a joke I like making)
  • Chikorita (a Pokemon)
  • The Blueheads (The Bluetones plus the Lemonheads)
  • Blankedy-Blank (should be a band, really)
  • Cuddle Mobster (pure Drew)
  • The Resurrected Grandma (again, pure Drew)
And these are the real ones:
  • PenKnifeLoveLife
  • Flood of Red
  • Jack Afro
  • The Fleas
  • The Friendly Fires
  • The Permissive Society
  • The Wombats
  • Texas Radio Band
  • Granby Row
  • Milke
  • 52 Teenagers
  • The Great Northwestern Hoboes
  • Josephine Oniyama
  • The Mono Effect
  • Driving By Night
  • Sally Suicide
  • Bricolage
  • New World Record
  • Lesser Panda

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