Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mario Kart: Santa Barbara Circuit

I wonder how many reading this will grasp the fatal impact banana peels have upon automobiles.

We ran an article in the Indy a few weeks back about a UCSB-based contest that had would-be directors making short films for Harley-Davidson. I didn't give it much thought, really, as the idea of shilling for a big-name corporation didn't appeal to me. Today, however, I ended up on a video game blog and realized that one of the contestants worked the Harley-Davidson product placement into a Mario Kart parody called Invisible Harleys.

Not only do I enjoy seeing these two putting around in mockery of a beloved pastime, but also to have them do it on my old college campus rates a big extra fancy in my book. The woman — who I think I trained to work at the Nexus and who looks a little like Laura Palmer and who I think is supposed to be Princess Peach — stole my heart when I saw her use this film's version of the star item. I can't imagine how long it took to do the stop motion fun necessary to create the effect of invisible motorcycles.

Happily, I can announce that Invisible Harleys won the contest and the resulting $5,000 prize. Makes sense: the polls were open to the public and there's no better way to appeal to a college-aged audience than by mining their pop culture memories. Either that, or everyone just loves Mario Kart.

If anyone would like to challenge me on the Gervitz Loop, I'm up for it.

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  1. I can pretend I'm looking at your blog at work for a reason now--the bus loop is the Girvetz Loop. Gevirtz is the Graduate School of Education.

    Hate to get proofreadery on you.

    Great clip, though.