Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Funny Show Triumphs Over Funny Lady

As a follow-up to my original post on the subject, a judge has dismissed Carol Burnett's lawsuit against FOX and Family Guy on grounds that the show's parody of her Charwoman character in the "Peterotica" episode was protected under the First Amendment. An E! News article quotes the judge, who seems to be sympathetic to Burnett's complaint but otherwise unable to help her strike back at Family Guy.
"In the new media, any self-imposed restraint essentially has been eliminated. Public figures, such as Ms. Burnett, are frequent targets of parodies and crude innuendo," the judge continued. "As Ms. Burnett well knows, it takes far more creative talent to create a character such as the 'Charwoman' than to use such characters in crude parody. Perhaps Ms. Burnett can take some solace in that fact."
Somehow, I doubt that someone who can't see the humor in making the Charwoman mop up in an adult bookstore would take much solace in that, but nice words anyway, Your Honor.

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