Friday, May 04, 2007

Shades of McGowan

Rose McGowan's eye shadow is sitting on my bedside table. And when I say that, I don't mean the brand or shade of eye makeup she uses. No, I mean the small canister of the substance that she — her, herself, The Rose McGowan — actually once used and possessed and smeared so as to emphasize her already beautiful eyes.

Aside from clarifying that my possession of it did not occur as a result of any wrongdoing on anyone's part, I won't elaborate much, as some peoples' jobs could nonetheless be in jeopardy if I have the specifics. I can safely say that the eye shadow was released as a result of Rose's purse exploding in a public place and Rose having vacated the area by the time anyone realized this little souvenir had rolled away.

The substance, now that I look at it, is more granular than I would have expected. I suppose this is as much attention as I've ever given eye shadow in my life, however, and I knew fairly little about it before. The color, a musky dark pink, one might rightly deem "rose." It smells bad. Is that how eye shadow smells?

Now it's mine, I'm supposing, though I can't imagine what I would ever do with it besides stick it in a box or drawer and find it while rifling for something else months from now and pull it out and tell whoever is standing there "This is Rose McGowan's eye shadow, and I'm not allowed to tell you how I got it." And then put it back and smile all creepy-like.

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