Monday, May 14, 2007

Mixing Up My Madeleines


As George points out, the Vertigo character played by Kim Novak is Madeleine Elster, not Madeleine Astor. The latter is apparently a real-life personage who survived the Titanic. And don’t confuse either Madeleine with my beloved writing professor Madeleine, who is cool and is responsible for this. A madeleine can also be a delicious French pastries that looks like this.

And, oddly, Webster says a madeleine can also be "one that evokes a memory," which has interesting implications for Vertigo.

In any case, "Death Comes For the Blonde" has been fixed accordingly. Let's all try to keep them straight from here on out.


  1. Even more oddly, your former teacher Madeleine taught my wife years ago, too, and Madeleine is one of my friends in longest standing in Santa Barbara (knew her before I knew my wife, even).

    It's a small, twistedly coincidental world.

    We'll leave out the whole part about me being a bit obsessed with the Titanic till that damn Cameron movie ruined everything--April 14 used to be a great night of remembrance, with drinking starting at 11:40 when the iceberg hit and sure enough, by 2:15 am we were sunk.

  2. Madeleine Astor was a personage of no small importance to me: seventeen when she married Col. J.J. Astor and was widowed by and survived the sinking (and, add'ly: wondered if the ship's motion as a result of hitting the iceberg was perhaps an accident in the kitchen, after which she is noted as being in the gymnasium as her husband cuts open a life vest to show her what is inside; he also allegedly assisted in freeing all dogs from the Titanic's kennels before the final plunge, including thier Airedale, Kitty), losing her widow's share when she remarried some time before WWI, and then another marriage (after an ugly divorce in which tabloids noted that "iceberg-wary Maddy has liquid assets and Reno on her beano") to a boxer of remarkably small reputatuon.

    ...and then died in Florida of a heart condition.

    Hand to god, that was off the top of my very own head.

  3. it's great that you people know your shit, but sometimes i wish i was addressing a dumber audience.

    "hey everybody, unicorn horns are magic medicine! and selma hayek is actually a firetruck! you heard it here first!"

  4. Anonymous2:52 AM

    i guess that "one that evokes a memory" has something to do with proust?