Friday, May 04, 2007

The Man Who Sold the World (to Edith)

ehernan360: what does the expression its your world I'm just living in it mean/imply?
kidicarus222: hello
kidicarus222: um
kidicarus222: it means you're self-centered, i think
kidicarus222: or somebody loves you a lot
kidicarus222: who said it to you?
ehernan360: ha ha
ehernan360: thats no good
ehernan360: a guy i have been dating for a couple of weeks
ehernan360: he he
kidicarus222: ah
kidicarus222: no, that is good
ehernan360: really?
kidicarus222: it means he likes you
kidicarus222: i mean, hell -- he gave you the world
kidicarus222: the world, edith
kidicarus222: that's where all his stuff is
ehernan360: he he

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