Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Evil Two-Tailed Cats of Japan

You know, in case it ever crossed your mind.

In some places when an old cat becomes a bake-neko, its tail is said to split in two, then it is called a neko-mata or "forked cat". Like most bake-neko, neko-mata are unusually large cats, reportedly a meter and a half long minus the bifurcated tail, and often walk about comfortably on their hind feet. They are said to dance and manipulate the dead like puppets, and are associated with strange fires and other unexplainable occurances. Sometimes the tails of kittens were cut off as a precaution, as it was thought that if its tail couldn't fork, a cat could not become a bakemono.

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  1. Please get me one of these evil cats. If its got two tails, six toes, one eye, or wings, I want it.