Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big Zero Plus One

Some Back of the Cereal Box regulars may remember my horrified fascination with the opening credits of the Adult Swim anime series Big O, which I refused to watch beyond the opening theme song. The clip below showcases the credits nicely, though I maintain that they don't give casual viewers the slightest idea what the show might be about.

Time hasn't changed my opinion. The music is still terrible and the special effects are still of such a quality that I could have made the sequence myself after half a quarter of Madeleine's Flash animation class. And what is "Big O"? Is it the robot? An extremely satisfying orgasm? Could "Big O" be a large vagina, as the phallic silhouette of the car would suggest?

Like I said the first post about Big O, a cast line-up consisting of negotiator-officer-android-butler could make for the perfect TV show, for all I know. However, a better foursome might be a trombonist-gourmand-toddler-crossing guard. There's a show I'd actually watch.

In any case, I've found a YouTube clip of Big O's second season credits, which I eagerly watched in order to see if they better explained this mysterious show. Do they?


Better, I suppose, than season one's, though the music would seem to be ripping off the amazing credits of Cowboy Bebop. Apparently guns and explosions play centrally into the plot of Big O — as I could have predicted they would, being anime and all. As far as a more fleshed out cast, the second season seems determined in introducing the android from season one as "R. Dorothy." (I can only hope that is short for "Robo Dorothy.") And as if to defy my demand that some explanation of the interrelationships among the negotiator, the officer, the android and the butler, the series has added a fifth character, Angel, whose job is identified as "?" and nothing more.

Great, Big O, the addition of a question mark to the regular cast of characters really motivates me to catch up on this show. For what it's worth, the creators could have just replaces all the text in the sequence with question marks as a means of representing my total bafflement about the show.

For the record, here's the aforementioned opening credits from Cowboy Bebop, a better show that I actually watched and enjoyed. They may not be all that explanatory either, but oh how cool they make anime seem. Quite the task, indeed.

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