Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Reason Why Telma Hopkins Is Cool

I realize that I'm writing about Telma Hopkins a lot more often than I expected to.

In any case, though Hopkins is probably best known to the TGIF-raised generation for her role as Aunt Rachel on Family Matters, I personally enjoy her career as one-half of Dawn, the music entity that paired up with Tony Orlando to the delight of the world. I suppose, then, that that makes Telma Hopkins one-quarter of Tony Orlando and Dawn. (Math was never my strong suit.)

Anyway, I've just recently learned that aside from her musical ventures as Dawn, Hopkins also sang back-up in Isaac Hayes "Theme to Shaft. You know the part where Hayes says "That cat Shaft is one bad mother—" and then gets cut off? it's Hopkins who shouts "Shut your mouth!"

Apparently that cat Telma Hopkins is actually the bad motherfucker.

And then, in total defiance of any praise I gave her, here's Hopkins and the other half of Dawn dressed like bridesmaids and singing "Laughter in the Rain."

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