Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Evil Wink

Some regulars may remember my mention of Tony Pierce back in a round-up of various former and current Nexites who blog. Pierce is especially prolific and has been writing at BusBlog since July 2001. (The first post, notably, is an interview he did with Rose McGowan, an actress who's just about due for an upswing in popularity, given that “Grind House” hits theaters Friday.) I found Pierce's blog because he at one point had a Wikipedia article about himself that linked to the Nexus's. The article purported that Pierce had earned himself the nickname "The Blogfather" for his frequent writing efforts.

Or at least I could have sworn that's what it said.

I checked back today and found a different Tony Pierce in the previous article's place, with no mention of the blogger Tony Pierce. Somehow, I feel that an actor playing minor roles in Dances With Wolves and The Bodyguard is less worthy that someone else whose claim to fame stems having written a lot. That's the Wikipedia for you.

Anyway, after a brief hiatus, I checked up on Pierce's blog recently and found that he's in the process of trying to get 2,008 bloggers to link to his site before January 1, 2008. This would be one of those "Local man tries to break hot dog-eating record" personal goals that I've always been interested to observe.

And, you know, easy-peasy link exchanges are fun. So go link to Tony.

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