Friday, April 20, 2007

Besmeared Puppies


I realize there’s a substantial gap of time between Sunday’s flurry of posts here at the Back of the Cereal Box and what’s gone up recently. I know I’ve been remiss in my duties as a regular blogger. And I’m pretty sure one of Tony Pierce’s rules for how to blog states that you should never bother apologizing for not having updated. Nonetheless, this post aims to do just that, because I feel what’s been preventing me from blogging the past few days has actually been worth mentioning.

You may have noticed that posts on this site have taken appearing in groups of five or more in a single night. This stems from the wildly irregular amounts of free time I’ve been getting. When I can, I blog, but I’m too lazy to adjust the dates on all the posts and schedule them to appear, one-by-one, throughout the week. My free time has lately suffered the considerably handicap of not being free in any interpretation of the word. If I’m not staying late at work, I’m coming home to stay up late and do work or coming home exhausted from work and immediately crashing. Somewhere in there are small spots where I’ve squeezed in an episode of Twin Peaks, which the roommates and I are slowly venturing through.

The big story, I suppose, is work. In addition to having completed an onerous collaborative project on Monday, I’d been covering for someone who had to take a few days of work. As I explained to this person when he returned, I realize now how much of a difference he makes. I may be decent at being me, but I suck at being him. On top of that, the Independent has been scurrying to make some last-minute additions and modifications to its new website—which debuts tonight, by the way—so I’ve been doing whatever I can to make sure it looks as good as possible. Fortunately, that huge work crunch will soon be finished and no one will have to stress about it like they have. Additionally, Wednesday marked the first day of work for a new hire—a fully additional reporter working in the newsroom. This means less work for me, at least as far as calling people and going to meetings. My job description since I’ve arrived at the Independent has morphed from “reporter” to “news editor who sometimes writes stories and spends half his time putting things on the website and sometimes writes for the website and can do things for the arts sections.” Seriously, I think the phrase going on my business card as “News Pope,” as that’s as descriptive as anything else that could succinctly describe what I do there. Finally, after months of waiting, Sarah got word that she and I did, in fact, receive tickets to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, also known as “Coooooooooachella.” Press passes, photo passes, the works—for all three days.

I’m taking this as a reward for work I’ve put in, typing away there. Rest assured, however, that in the near future I will once again be putting in hours, typing away here.

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