Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Announcement of a Grammatical Nature

Because my brain compels me to do so, I am notifying all Cereal Box readers of a change in house style regarding the demarcation of movies, TV shows, and video games.

When I first began this blog, I was midway through my stint as county editor at the Daily Nexus and therefore a product of the grammar enforced there. Hence, when typing on this blog I naturally put movie titles and TV shows in quotation marks instead of italics. That’s how the Nexus did it.

Now that I’m writing so much for the Independent, however, I’ve had to re-train myself to italicize movies and TV shows. Doing it for the last four months has helped me realize that the Indy’s system works better, especially since quotation marks around movie titles make using the title in the possessive case quite difficult. (Backhand slaps to “Charlie’s Angels”’s entire cast simply does not work, at least in the grammatical sense.) Furthermore, putting TV shows in italics helps to differentiate between the name of the series and those of individual episodes. (The Brady Bunch vs. “Marcia Goes Berserk,” for example.) In retrospect, I can’t imagine how these rules ever came into law at the Nexus.

Finally, I just feel it’s silly to set off other media works but to exclude video games. Like movies or TV shows, video games are a combination of visual, audio, and verbal elements that come together in a more lifelike way than, say, board games, which I feel do not deserve any kind of demarcation. Therefore, video games will now also be in italics. If nothing else, this will help me differentiate between Donkey Kong the legendary arcade game and Donkey Kong the necktie-wearing ape and between the Princess Zelda and the gold NES cartridge Zelda.

And you know that at some point on this blog I will have to make these distinctions.

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