Sunday, April 22, 2007

All About Mike Donkey Dong

Old news-ish, but nonetheless pertinent, especially because I will be seeing Mr. Donkey Dong himself this weekend at Coachella.

Mike's murder ho, Kristen, sent out an email a few days back promoting his recent accomplishments in the realm of music video electrotechnic artistry — specifically for Blonde Redhead's "23," the title track from their new album. I can't say specifically what Mike did, as the email listed his role in making the video as "compositor," but rest assured that it was something artsy as all get-out.


Visually, it's a mile-high city above his the previous music video effort that surfaced in my inbox. Great though Blonde Redhead may be, the tune itself is nowhere near as catchy as Bo Benton's "Bounce," which I'm re-posting here to make sure that I make as many people as possible listen to it.

But wait—that's not all!

Apparently in a recent attempt to knock Sanam out of running for "most impressive person I know," Mike has also remixed a Blonde Redhead track and and posted it online as part of a contest. I'm told that Mike is politely asking for anyone with the time to give his remix a listen and, if they like it, vote for it. At the time of this writing, Mike's track is the top on on the second page. CTRL+F "Gros Michel" to find it.

Michael Gross should rightly be jealous.

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  1. i'll shed some light on what exactly mike did on the video. not to toot my own boyfriend's horn (heh), but he created 100% of the pretty colors and visual effects. the only other people involved were the editor and the director.