Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Was Like Any Other

In the gray chair.

At my hilariously oversized CEO desk.

In the common space of the bedroom I share.

In my apartment.

In my section of the more-than-a-duplex, less-than-a-multiplex building I live in.

Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara County.

California, more or less on the line dividing the northern and southern sections.

Western edge of the North American continent.

Earth, between the red one and the pretty one.

In the particular solar system in which we call the sun "Sun" and not anything else.

Milky Way Galaxy.

The good dimension, as opposed one of the Bizarro or prawn dimensions.

(An update to an old post that I recently published, after writing it and accidentally letting it languish, unseen by the world, for nearly four years. )

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