Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Urban Milkwoman Project, Part Two

Within a few hours of putting up my phony Craigslist ad, the good folks running the site pulled it and then sent me an email explaining that if I should read the official terms of use if I wanted to know why. The rules were long and in an unappealing font, so I just assume that the Craigslist code of conduct must have some rule that prevents users from acting like a specific kind of dick — though general dickery is presumably allowed, judging from everything else that’s wrong about Craigslist.

Anyway, in the scant hours the ad was actually up, it received seventeen responses. What actually disappointed me even more than the post getting removed so quickly was the fact that the vast majority of the respondents made no mention of the Kate’s bizarre condition. For example:
Hi my name is Seamus I am 33 years of age born and raised in Ireland now living and working in New York I work for myself in tourism. I am 5ft 11,170 Lbs Have Brown Hair and Hazel eyes.

My interests are music, sports, travel, dining out. cinema, reading, I play hurling, Gaelic football and football sorry soccer.
See? Not "Will you be able to watching my play Gaelic football if we're playing on a field desigend with an east-west axis?" No "What the hell is wrong with you?" Nothing. Lame. I have to assume that the vast majority of guys who use Craigslist to find women — or, at a bare minimum, the ones living in the New York area — just respond to any ad, regardless of the fact that the “woman” posting it sounds mentally ill and could potentially have horrendous facial deformities on hemisphere turned away from the camera.

Of those who did discuss Kate’s geographical habit, most didn’t seem to get that it was clearly a joke.

From Tony:
lol i'll tell u what a sumset looks like…
From George
It must be difficult to drive, always facing north. Is that why your license was taken away. You ALWAYS face north??? Did you miss the other aspects of the plays because of that?

I am quite articulate when it comes to sunsets.

(And I suppose it ups the weirdo factor to note that “George” has the name “Martin” on his outgoing email and that the email address itself seems to be for a man named “Nate.” Ugh.)

From “Nappy G”:
I always know where I am, once I find my landmark. So we could be good for each other, Kate! Hi, my name is Gordon. You have an absolutely beautiful side, rear profile.
From somebody too busy to leave their name:
have a car and enjoy movies and faceing south for kissing and other reasons. get back to me.. maybe we can meet…
In the end, only a sharp guy named Steve seemed to get the joke.
young lady that was a very good ad, thank you for putting a smile on my face. (very very funny)

So all in all, total disappointment.

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