Thursday, March 15, 2007


Boob tube blog Televisionary reports that Chris Lowell — who currently plays Piz, the potential love interest for the title character on "Veronica Mars" — has signed to appear in the pilot for the recently announced "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off planned to premiere this fall.

While this may seem like a small potatoes news announcement out of character for someone like me, who could care less about goings-on on "Grey's Anatomy," the potential for Lowell to be involved in another TV show could indicate a bad end for my beloved "Veronica." As Televisionary blogger Jace points out, it seems unlikely that a character who this season has been repeatedly posited as a possible new love for Veronica would be written off the show — unless, of course, no one else will be on "Veronica Mars" next season either. The show's future has been uncertain since it was renewed last year.

Then again, Piz isn't a major element on "Veronica." (Indeed, who but Veronica, Mars and Keith are?) Despite his appearance in the show's opening credits, he's only appeared in a handful of episodes so far. It could very well be that Lowell will be appearing on the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off with the same regularity that "Veronica" regular Tina Majorino showed up on "Big Love." Besides, it's not out of character for a seemingly integral character to appear centrally for only one season. That's essentially what happened with Teddy Dunn, whose role as love-of-Veronica's-life Duncan diminished quickly into the second season and then vanished altogether before the second season finale. Likewise with Tessa Thompson, who figured largely into both the second season's central mystery and side plots involving Wallace's love life. Alternately, Veronica's universe works such that he could easily meet his own bad end while the show goes on. After all, who could have predicted little Beaver Cassidy would have had such a good reason not to appear in the third season?

Nonetheless, if any other regulars sign on to other projects, we few "Veronica Mars" supporters should be lighting candles and praying to our various gods.


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  2. Bad news, Drew.

    I hope it's not true, but if it is, I'm devastated...