Saturday, March 03, 2007

Die, Ugly

My handy-dandy MySpace reminders have notified me that the Magic Lantern film series in Isla Vista is tonight screening "Battle Royale." For those not lucky enough to have seen this movie yet, it's an easy contender for my all-time top five. In addition to being the best movie about high school I have ever seen, "Battle Royale" also features an interesting pre-"Kill Bill" appearance from Gogo Yubari herself, Chiaki Kuriyama. If you're among the handful of I.V. residents who actually reads this blog, I strongly urge you to cough up the measly four bucks for admission.

Of course, if homicidal Japanese schoolchildren isn't you're thing, you can also head over to the newly renovated Hub at 9:30 to see yours truly sit on the judging panel for this year's Battle of the Bands.

Me being smug or attractive Japanese actors murdering each other. You've got to pick one, right?

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