Monday, February 12, 2007

What a Guy / Makes You Cry / And I Did

Friday’s effort on the Indy’s SB Media Blog got me a shout-out on BlogaBarbara, which features Santa Barbara news and commentary. More specifically, more recently, BlogaBarbara has featured a lot of posts on “the mess at the News-Press” as well. BlogaBarbara has been a minor obsession of mine — not only for its good content but also because its author writes under a pen name, “Sara de la Guerra.” No one I’ve talked to has ever said with certainty who Sara is, though a few people have made some educated guesses. I almost thought I had figured out this mystery blogger’s identity when the text of the post referring to me shared a few verbal similarities with a comment that appeared beneath my SB Media Blog post, but I apparently neglected to notice that the shout-out post was not submitted by Sara, as “she” explained in a comment: “A reminder that this was a community post written by someone else…”


I'm not the only one who's interested in who keeps the blog. During a recent hearing with the National Labor Relations Board — in which various lawyers disputed the the validity of the News-Press employees' vote on whether to unionize — News-Press owner Wendy McCaw subpoenaed Google in an effort to determine who runs the blog after an allegedly threatening comment appeared on BlogaBarbara. My motives are more benign. If I could ask Sara de la Guerra anything, I'd want to know why he or she chose to spell the pseudonym "Sara" and not "Sarah." Unless that's a clue, of course.

This is all very interesting to me. Anyway, I thought for a moment I was being clever. For now, the mystery continues.

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  1. Thanks Drew for the nice words and I am glad that your intention is more benign....I'm not sure why I chose Sara rather than Sarah other than it seemed to go better with De la Guerra. On reflection, I could have also done "Serra" and really confused people as to my gender and historical reference...but alas, it is too late for that.