Monday, February 26, 2007

The Urban Milkwoman Project

I’d loved the British sketch comedy series “Smack the Pony” since Spencer introduced me to it. The show revolves around various unrelated sketches staring four actresses

In short, “Smack the Pony” is the best thing ever. You should like it, if only to jump on a trend that hasn’t really taken hold in the U.S. yet, at least as far as I'm aware of. This British show consists of unrelated sketches featuring some combination of four actresses: Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan, Sally Phillips and, later, Sarah Alexander. One often re-visited idea on “Smack the Pony,” however, is phony dating videos. They work a little like the “Lowered Expectations” skits on “Mad TV,” only way funnier.

Here’s an example, featuring Fiona, Doon, then Sally, in that order.

A while back, I had the idea to take the more plausible and verbally funny sketches and turn them into Craigslist ads in cities I don’t live in. Today, that dream came true, and now my little plan is unleashed upon the lonely men of New York’s West Village.

The sketch, of which I could not find a script or video online, features Doon — whom I think I like best, on account of her resemblance to Laura Elena Harring.

The text of her speech — and the Craigslist ad I posted tonight — reads as follows.
I’m Kate. I’m 29 years old. The most obvious thing about me is that I always face north. It’s not a religious thing. Not a medical thing. It’s just a geographical habit. But that’s not all. I also like the cinema, especially at theatres where the screen faces almost directly due south. I also like plays. I’ve seen certain aspects of several good plays recently. I’m quite romantic. I’d like to meet a man who can hold my hand, especially when I’m crossing the road. And I’m not really a party animal. Meeting people is sort of hit-and-miss, really. I just want to meet a nice friendly man who faces south — or doesn’t mind facing south — especially for talking and kissing purposes, etc. And it would be great if he has his own car, at least until I get my license back. Maybe someone who can tell me what a sunset looks like.
In addition, roommate Aly ("Kate") was kind enough to lend her likeness, facing away from the camera.

And here’s the link for the ad itself. Keep with me for the results

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