Monday, February 05, 2007

Split-Level Doubleneck

I'm currently working on a story that involves the NAMM show in some respect. NAMM looks like an acronym but apparently isn't. Although NAMM used to stand for "National Association of Music Merchants," the fact that the organization has grown to represent more than just music merchants in America has rendered the name erroneous. Thus, the name is now just NAMM, without any significant meaning attached to it.

I find this odd.

Anyway, I'm as far from a guitar nut as anybody, but in researching NAMM I also stumbled onto the website NAMM Oddities, which chronicles the stranger exhibits at the organization's annual convention, which happens to be the largest music trade show in the world. These guitars are amazing. Case in point:

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  1. Yes, even the most neophyte guitarist could have fun playing that beast.

    NAMM is truly weird. The brief time I spent on their site heralding the latest extravaganza was less than exciting. There isn't even a page with massive amounts of links to the various companies involved.