Monday, February 26, 2007

Neither "Fourth" Nor "Town"


No sooner than the day I read Stevi's excellent explanation of the brand names of the various Gap affiliates — The Gap itself, Old Navy and Banana Republic among them — I find out that the newest offshoot, Forth & Towne, is closing — at its new Santa Barbara location and nationwide. Very strange. Apparently there's no market in America for fashionable mom-wear.

American moms, please revert to light jeans that pooch up in front.

If there's any upside in this, it's that something I have at least some interest in might move into Paseo Nuevo in its place. That, plus the idea that I'll never again have to write "Forth & Towne," which I think looks doubly misspelled.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Did you ever notice that if you write out Fourth And Towne...the initials are F.A.T?
    Now what marketing genius at Gap Inc thought that one up for a brand reaching out to women 35 and up?

  2. That's so funny that its closing! I remember being very excited for it when it first came to our beloved outdoor mall, and then being sorely disappointed by it.

    I guess, even in Santa Barbara, no one wants to pay $135 for a shawl.

    Do people even wear shawls?

  3. whoa!
    did u know i actually got hired there, only to sign away my soul to gap inc. and never received a follow-up phone call to schedule any shifts.
    now i guess i don't have to take it so personally.