Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Honorific Title of "Mister"

As of 10:09 p.m. tonight, the Back of the Cereal Box will be officially four years old. It's a presidential term. It's high school. It's college for the nose-to-the-grindstoney. And it boggles me that I could have nurtured this silly little URL from the early "Trendburger" days into something that I'm actually proud of and something that I've been able to actually trick other people into reading.

During past milestones, I've attempted to encapsulate the celebrated time period with something witty or at least a quick summary of events. Now that the drop-down archive directory and the tagging feature have made reading old content easier than ever, though, I don't feel the need. Anything I have to say is as accessible now as it was the day I first wrote it: a click or two and you're there. In lieu of profundity, I've decided to offer my perspective on what I think the ten best posts I've written are.

In no particular order:
  • "Creature From the San Andreas Fault," which showcases one of my favorite memories from all of college and also one of the most creative things I've ever taken part in.
  • "Remembering Sanam," because it still makes me laugh.
  • "The Untold Coolness of Shirley the Loon," if only for the fact that I managed to write more on the smallest bits of pop culture minutiae than even the Wikipedia entry on the subject.
  • "Godspeed, Captain Pinchy!" which represents probably my best effort at turning something that happened to me into some kind of coherent narrative. It may not be the sterling example of creative nonfiction that I thought it was when I first wrote it, but hey — anything that features Glenn, Cory and Marcy as protagonists has to have some value.
  • "Hiding in the Shadows of 'A Prairie Home Companion,'" which represents the only time I've managed to say everything I wanted to about a movie.
  • "Cold-Blooded Old Times," or my attempt at an autobiography divided by an attempt to explain the merchandising behind Round Table Pizza.
  • "To Quote Wally Exactly," my attempt at explaining myself in something other than words.
  • "Opera and Truck Pulls," which goes further to describe my hometown than anything else I could ever say.
  • "Nudge," the best audience participation post I've had so far.
  • And finally, "My One Complain Against Santa Barbara," which I wrote at work as an antidote for writer's block and I feel it deserves adoration.
Thanks all for readers. In my opinion, 1,650 posts in 1,462 days isn't bad. Let's hear it for four more years.

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  1. Congrats on the blogiversary.

    Four more years! Four more years!