Thursday, January 11, 2007



If you've been reading closely, you've surely noticed the labels that appear at the bottom of each post. One of the better new features of Blogger Beta, the post labels work like an automatic index, allowing people to see what I've previously written about the subjects discussed in a given post. Say I write about colors, for example. With a mere click a Back of the Cereal Box newbie can instantly find everything else I've written about the subject. If not colors, then anteaters. Or brand names. Or Pac-Man. Or misogyny. Or the all-too-common problem of celebrity confusion.

Anyway, going back and labelling the old posts has helped bring to light recurrent topics that I wasn't even aware I had been writing about. For example: death. I had no idea I wrote about death as often as I do until the post label total for it appeared toward the top of the stack. Very strange.

In any case, I imagine that you all would like to know where you fit into all this. Thus, here is a list of the post labels for the various people I have discussed on this blog. Celebrities are omitted. Of course, I won.
  1. Me (200 — This, I'd hope, would disprove the notion that I don't discuss myself on this blog. I do talk about myself, but only when I'm the most interesting thing to talk about.)
  2. Sanam (36)
  3. Jill (31)
  4. Spencer (29)
  5. Dina (26)
  6. Kristen (24)
  7. Nate (21)
  8. Moe (18)
  9. Hilly (14)
  10. Franzese (13); Jessica (13)
  11. Meghan (12 — not Nexus Meghan but Judy Studious Meghan)
  12. Cory (11); Dansy Pansy (11); Tristan (11)
  13. Meg H. (10)
  14. Adam (9); Bri (9 — Not Brie); Marcy (9)
  15. Daniel (7); Josh (7); Meg Ryan (7 — not that Meg Ryan); Taryn (7); Todd (7)
  16. Billy (6); Brie (6 — not Bri); Canada Sue (6) ;Edith (6); Kami (6); Lulwa (6); Prof. Waid (6); Batalla (6)
  17. Greg (5); Hayley (5); Mom (5)
  18. Erin (4); London Meg (4)
  19. Aly (3); Dad (3); Monica/Renee (3); Other Drew (3); Tharpe-Tharpe (3)
And then I got bored and stopped. Still, there it is. It's interesting for me to look at, especially since my original janktastic post label system only allowed for the grouping of Spencer-, Dina- and Sanam-related posts. For the record, not every post that mentioned somebody's name warranted a post label, and some posts that got a post label don't ever specifically mention the person. It's a judgment call.

Anyhow, click away if the mood strikes you. Some insight into the major players these past few years might give you a better understanding of why I'm where I'm at now.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    13 yes!

  2. You must be Frazese. Jessica would be too polite to not leave her name.