Thursday, January 11, 2007

Out-of-the-Ordinary Toast

As Spencer is accustomed to making a dish we call the “egg-in-a-nest” for breakfast, it was only a matter of time before one of us looked the dish up on the Wikipedia in order to see whether ten thousand uninformed opinions on it could somehow coalesce into an entry that meets the rigorous at-least-68-percent correct Wikipedia standard. The Egg-in-a-nest, for those for either haven’t had the pleasure or call the dish something different, consists of a slice of bread with a circle cut out and with an egg then fried in the middle.

They look like this:

First off, we found that egg-in-a-nest figures into Alan Moore’s opinions regarding the filmic adaptation of “V for Vendetta.” Moore was, it seems, it infuriated at the American scripts’ presumption that British people would call the dish “eggy in a basket” in an effort to sound folksy and therefore British. More surprisingly, the dish goes by 105 other names — the majority of which sound entirely unappetizing, some of which confound me and a good handful of which sound fake.

The list, as Wikipedia puts it:
  • angry Gippo
  • an-eye-for-an-egg
  • armored egg
  • baby in the well
  • bad egg
  • bird (or birdie) in the nest
  • bird in the hole
  • bird’s eye
  • bird’s nest
  • black-eyed Susan
  • bloated bastard
  • bread uterus
  • bull’s eye
  • bullet hole toast
  • camel’s eye
  • chicken in a window
  • cluck-in-a-hole
  • cluckin’ bread
  • commie in a cage
  • cowboy eggs
  • cyclops sandwich
  • dead bird in toast
  • dippy toast
  • egg hole
  • egg in a hat
  • egg in a hole
  • egg in a well
  • egg in bread
  • egg in the center
  • egg in the face
  • egg in the hole
  • egg in the middle
  • egg in the window
  • egg in toast
  • egg jigsaw
  • egg on the real
  • egg toast
  • eggie in a basket
  • eggs in a blanket
  • eggs in a frame
  • eggs in a nest
  • eggs on toast
  • eggy toast
  • Egyptian eyes
  • Egyptian fish eye
  • Eric’s eggs
  • Eye eggs
  • eye openers
  • flat eggs
  • fox in the hole
  • frog in the basket
  • gas house eggs
  • gasthaus eggs
  • Gasthauseier
  • ghetto omelette
  • goatse bread (By far, my favorite — think about it if you don’t get it.)
  • hiding mexican
  • hole in one
  • hole in the bread
  • Humpty in the wall
  • Hollywood egg
  • holy eggs
  • horse in the stable
  • Japan eggs
  • loaded bread
  • man on a raft
  • melted yellow and white crayons
  • moon over miami
  • naked bird in naked bread
  • National Rifle Egg
  • North Atlantic Treaty Egg
  • oeufs de bordelle
  • one-eye
  • one-eyed bastard
  • one-eyed Egyptian
  • one-eyed gypsy
  • one-eyed jacks
  • one-eyed monster
  • one-eyed sailor sandwich
  • Opeth in toast
  • out-of-the-ordinary toast
  • Panama hat
  • peekaboo toast
  • pigeon poop
  • pig in the poke
  • piggy in the muddy
  • popeye eggs
  • pothole eggs
  • pregnant toast
  • rocky mountain eggs
  • Scottish pizza
  • sunshine toast
  • surprise eggs
  • suspension eggs
  • toad in the hole
  • toast around egg
  • toast benedict
  • Toasty Eggerton
  • tunnel toast
  • wes-egg
  • world war II
  • yellow asshole
  • yellow in the snow
  • yellow moon
  • yolk doughnut


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    just to add another we (NW England, late 80s/early 90s) grew up calling this Eggy Bread

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    we called them Ding Dong school eggs

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    in 1967 when i would not eat eggs, my mom created this and added cinnomon and sugar calling it star (cookie cutter) and moon.

  4. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I've heard it called bird in a window,but the middle of toast is suppose to be cut out.