Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Meaning in the Words Above

I'm hate to think I was being purposefully obscure, so start at the front and move backwards.
  1. "Battle Royale" graffiti.
  2. Street Fighter II, during it's pre-production days.
  3. Nothing, really.
  4. "Rocky Horror Picture Show" lyics.
  5. Nothing. Maybe "Will & Grace," though it wasn't intentional.
  6. Me, I guess.
  7. Me.
  8. WarioWare.
  9. Butch Yelton and Upbound.
  10. "Rocky Horror," again.
  11. The Gerry Rafferty song
  12. The theme song of the show.
  13. Me and my fake wife.
  14. "The Simpsons."
  15. Most obviously "Top Chef."
  16. "Rocky Horror," again.
  17. "Rocky Horror."
  18. A Ralphism from "The Simpsons."
  19. "Mulholland Drive."
  20. "Rocky Horror."
  21. A bad monster movie.
  22. Me, I guess.
  23. "Arrested Development."
  24. "The Simpsons."
  25. The scene in the movie with Cher, which I haven't actually seen but I liked the sound of anyway.
  26. "30 Rock."
  27. The original name for the play "Melvin Goes to Dinner" was based on.
  28. Me, but has a play on a band I've never heard.
  29. "Home Movies."
  30. The Wikipedia.
  31. A cheese the name of which I found appealing.
  32. "Arrested Development."
  33. "30 Rock."
  34. Me.
  35. "Arrested Development."
  36. "Rocky Horror."
  37. Street Fighter II.
  38. Geraldine & Ricky.
  39. "30 Rock."
  40. A literal translation of "aardvark."
  41. And, once again, "Rocky Horror."
This one, however, shouldn't be so esoteric.

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