Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kind of Like "Les Nubians"

Not that I think it reveals any deep-seated prejudice I harbor somewhere in my brain, but I recalled a realization I had some time back, when I wrote the first fainting goat-related post. I had it again, just now, as I was glancing over my recent posts. For whatever reason, when I quickly scan a document that contains the phrase “fainting goats,” I tend to accidentally read it as “faggots.” In the case of this blog, it causes me to momentarily wonder what kind of mood might have prompted me to write a post that makes ample use of this particular homophobic slur.

I think it happens because the start and end letters of both words in “fainting goats” match up to the consonants in “faggots.” Yeah, I think I’ll go with that. And maybe not write about fainting goats anymore.

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