Monday, January 29, 2007

In Another Dimension / With Voyeuristic Intention

The email Kristen sent me this morning:
have you seen this before?
The email Sanam sent me, just moments later:

the list this link came from:
How I responded to both:
Both of you, Sanam and Kristen, emailed me about the Wikipedia articles articles page within moments of each other. Are you two in cahoots?
What Kristen said:
nay on cahoots. i'm guessing we both frequent and both know you like quirky minutiae. and like being cited on your blog.
How I responded to Kristen:
Yes, I have. In fact, an article I began and, for the most part, wrote is on it. How wonderful!
And then Kristen said:
is it the bra fence one?
But then I wrote back with:
Nope. Everyone guessed that, though, when I posed this very topic on my blog some time back. Someone, it seems, was reading reddit instead.... Boo.
And then she was all:
hi guilt trip!

i had a feeling i had seen that list before. it smacked too much of you. i hope you hit sanam just as hard with the guilt, since i see that she actually commented on your blog post about the wiki article she later sent you.
And what did Sanam say?
Also: the original post about the Wikipedia unusual articles list.

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