Monday, January 01, 2007

Dirt Pig

supersanam: I put a picture on my picture blog for you awhile ago
supersanam: did you see it?
kidicarus222: um
kidicarus222: maybe not
kidicarus222: hold on
kidicarus222: i need to link to archivolt from my real blog
supersanam: do eet
[ The suggested image was found. ]
kidicarus222: um
kidicarus222: it's the aardvark, right?
supersanam: yeah
supersanam: it reminded me of you
supersanam: which is why I wrote under it
supersanam: "for drew"
supersanam: or rather,
kidicarus222: sanam
supersanam: "FOR DREW"
kidicarus222: i appreciate the thought
kidicarus222: but
supersanam: yes drew
kidicarus222: i hate aardvarks
kidicarus222: i like anteaters
supersanam: oh no!
supersanam: I know you do
supersanam: I didn't confuse the two
supersanam: but I didn't realize you hated aardvarks
kidicarus222: their name translates to english as "dirt pig"
supersanam: I figured the inherent hilarity of the aardvark's name would be enough to hook you
supersanam: oh. well.
kidicarus222: i love you still
supersanam: I'm sorry.
kidicarus222: aardvarks are just so... unseemly, you see
kidicarus222: i'm going to have to delete your blog now
supersanam: my utmost heartfelt apologies
kidicarus222: i appreciate that
kidicarus222: i've already contacted livejournal about your blog being deleted
kidicarus222: it's a matter of minutes now
kidicarus222: they were really accommodating when i explained the situation
kidicarus222: also, they're sending some guys to your house
supersanam: good thing jaime, the giant doorman, is trying to sex me up
supersanam: I can get him to fend them off
kidicarus222: oh
kidicarus222: not those kinds of guys
kidicarus222: they're coming with books on anteaters and aardvarks and why the one is better
kidicarus222: did you think livejournal was sending goons?
kidicarus222: hired goons?
supersanam: yes
supersanam: and that goat
kidicarus222: what about the goat?
supersanam: in my head, it was two oversized LJ goons and the goat
supersanam: coming to slap me around and throw me out the window
kidicarus222: there's a livejournal goat?
supersanam: yeah
supersanam: frank
kidicarus222: i had no idea
kidicarus222: this changes everything
supersanam: check out the front page
kidicarus222: of...
supersanam: live...journal?
supersanam: that's where he lives.

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