Friday, December 29, 2006

You're a Crook, Captain Hook

Because Josh did it last year and I’m no more original now than I was when I stole the idea the first time. Here is the whole of 2006, as represented by the first sentence of the first blog post of each month.

January: “Eating Poison or Peeling Off Your Own Eyelids”
Not daring to stray from the usual co-worker chatter topics of (a) rude customers, (b) mutually hated managers and (c) the awful in-store music, a fellow book peddler asked me today if I’d rather be first season “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson or fourth season “American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood.
February: “Bathed, Shaved, and With a Roof Over My Head”
As the title implies, I am no longer couch surfing.
March: “The Charging Sky”
I know I had the day off and I know I'm heading on this major trip and I know I should have loads to talk about.
April: “Porcelettas”
done in sydney, for the most part.
May: “Now You Feel Weird, Too”
So one of my recent Flickr uploads — and one that has mysteriously drawn a lot of traffic — is this one, which depicts one of my feet, one of Kristen’s and one of Dina’s.
June: “My Name Is Zoom and I Live on the Moon”
It’s a holdover state of mind from my childhood, but today it retains a small bit of the truth that it did on June 5, 1987.
July: “Drew’s Accidental Menagerie”
So a short while back, this white girl Kat — Kat! — drops an image comment on one of my MySpace photos.
August: “Lullaby”
I just wrote this. You should sing it to your kids.
September: “Off the Grid”
Towns and former towns I was in, was near or drove through this weekend: Mi-Wuk, Sugarpine, Confidence, Standard, Soulsbyville, Twain Harte, Ralph, Tuttletown, Quartz, Chinese Camp, Angels Camp, Copperopolis.
October: “I Prefer Pi”
Because I'm too busy to actually blog but wouldn't want to leave the faithful stranded.
November: “I Was a Feather With an Alligator Mouth”
I’ll admit that “SNL” didn’t start so well this year.
December: “Time Is Fleeting”
also, our friends are collectively retarded
Again, it's a fairly representative sample, don't you think? More year-end festivities yet to come.

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