Friday, December 01, 2006

Time Is Fleeting

kidicarus222: also, our friends are collectively retarded
kidicarus222: have you noticed how next to no one can RSVP?
alkiehorn0307: um
alkiehorn0307: yeah
alkiehorn0307: Im making bitchy phone calls come wednesday
kidicarus222: it's one thing to send out a myspace event invite and have people ignore it, since that's basically the online version of shouting the invite at them as you roll down the street on the jolly trolley, but we actually designed invites and mailed them physically
kidicarus222: fuck
kidicarus222: i'm not contacting anyone, personally
alkiehorn0307: well
alkiehorn0307: thats a poor choice, I feel
alkiehorn0307: just because we're going to need to know how much to plan to buy
kidicarus222: oh
kidicarus222: right
kidicarus222: then can we make paper hats that say "i'm too retarded to RSVP" and make people wear them if they want alcohol?
alkiehorn0307: yes
kidicarus222: i'm serious. you know i'm serious. i will make this happen
alkiehorn0307: yes
kidicarus222: how about "my ass is so big i forgot to RSVP"
kidicarus222: "my teeth are so janky that i forgot to RSVP"
kidicarus222: "i'm too much of a raging whore to RSVP"
kidicarus222: "i was fucking my father so i forgot to RSVP"
alkiehorn0307: hahahaha
kidicarus222: "my vagina is so gaping that i forgot to RSVP"
kidicarus222: it's like the etiquette version of "yo mama"
alkiehorn0307: these are excellent
kidicarus222: i may blog this as a warning

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  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    There was a poem and everything!