Friday, December 29, 2006

Ike, Mike and Mustard

By the time I finish tabulating exactly what happened on this blog in 2006, Saddam Hussein will probably be dead. A strange thought, especially since he’s a boogeyman that’s been spooking impressionable Americans since I was a kid. Dead dictator or no dead dictator, people read this blog during the past year and will likely continue to do so in 2007. For the curious, here’s what you all thought.

As it stands now, the average number of unique viewers per week is 3,056.

As you can see from the above graph, which I grabbed from my account profile at, the Back of the Cereal Box peaked back in August, when 6,056 individual people stopped in — some for only a few seconds, but a lot for considerably longer.

This pretty pie tells me that more than half of the people who end up at this blog do so by accident and quickly leave. (No doubt they were researching Moesko Island, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Shirley the Loon or Father Bingo.) However, the next largest chunk is comprised of people who check in every day. To you regulars, thanks.

And now, lists. For example, the top ten referrers for 2006:
  1. GrowABrain
  2. Dina-Dina Canklesaurus
  3. Blog of the Land Monster
  4. My Facebook profile
  5. Tristan Bannon, Master of the Perverted Arts
  6. Traveling Without Moving
  7. Look on My Works, Ye Mighty
  8. Die Wunderkammer
  9. The talk page for the Wikipedia entry on Thomas Kinkade
  10. Smells Like Bullshit
The search terms that most frequently lead to my blog:
  1. drew mackie
  2. kidicarus222
  3. moesko island lighthouse
  4. queef queaf
  5. back of the cereal box
  6. sun milk
  7. adolpha zantziger lyrics
  8. spraychel
  9. Meli KalikiMaka song for myspace
  10. purple grapes people eater plum nurple
The most-read posts of 2006:
  1. "To Quote Wally Exactly"
  2. "Moesko Island Lighthouse"
  3. "Your House Is Ass"
  4. "Cat With Paws"
  5. "The Painter of Blight"
  6. "The 'Video' in Video Games"
  7. "The Eternal Harvest"
  8. "Puppy Goo-Goo, Fetch Me a Dream!"
  9. "Fake Words TV Has Taught Me"
  10. "Legend of the Jolly Invalid"
  11. "Alcohol-Devil-Rose-Saint-Fight"
  12. "Have You Ever Seen a Quimp?"
  13. "Jake Who?"
  14. "Death Letter"
  15. "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman With Lots of Hats"
And finally, the latest status of my Technorati profile: 130,458, out of approximately 55 million. The latest rise comes in part to links from Break on Through, Richard's Realm and CarnyTown.


  1. glad to be doing my part. you'll crack the top 100k, i just know it!

  2. do you link to me? i can't tell, as blogger won't let me see your profile page. do you have a blog URL?