Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Angel Puppy Riding a Llama, Blowing Kisses From a Pink Kiss-Kiss Bubble Gun

It finally happened.

This strange little attempt at bloggery finally got the upgrade to Blogger Beta. For the time being, this means little to you. I'll busy myself in ridding all previous posts of the linky mess that has served as a post tag substitute — the very same one that had previously swallowed up my bits of free time. It's not all for nothing, however. Crude as it was, the Drewmatron Blogger Non-Beta Janktastic Post Category System, as I've taken to calling it, will provide a means of neatly labelling old material. For now, it's going to be a line displaying applicable post labels at the end of each post, as you see at the bottom of this self-congratulatory little nothing. It may one day become something more functional, more graphically pleasing.

Be happy for me.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    David Lynch was his charming, inscrutable self at the Brattle Theatre Sunday. In town for a screening of his new movie, "Inland Empire," the director took a few questions, but answered obliquely. Asked, for example, about the bunnies in his new film, the "Blue Velvet" director said, " They're not bunnies, they're rabbits." Lynch did manage to make a little news, announcing that the second season of his long-ago TV series "Twin Peaks" is coming out on DVD next spring. At that, the crowd erupted in applause.


  2. Did you know that Drew is the 96th most popular baby name for 2006? Right above Miles... and Peyton. Ick.


  3. PS: Weirdly, Peyton is also the 53rd most popular girls name. This seems unnecessarily cruel.