Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Mystery of the Thing What Happened

The Australian fellow whose movie blog I read has tagged me. The rules of the International Meme Act of 2005 state that if I do not act in accordance with the meme-tag, I can be subject to stern punishments like blog revocation, a stupid haircut and the amputation of one or both hands.

Thus, I shall reply with nine weird facts about me. However, I think I'm going to narrow the scope of this list down to nine weird facts about me that I can state today that I could not have stated a few days ago.
  1. I dressed as a stereotypical tourist for Halloween, though I don't think most of the the drunk people who saw me got it, even with the plastic camera hanging around my neck.
  2. I have a magazine ad featuring a Bedlington Terrier tacked to my wall now. It stares at me as I type.
  3. I quit my PA job on the grounds that I couldn't muster the energy to be in charge of someone else's life when my own needs as much attention as it does. (Also, the whole money thing didn't help.)
  4. I will be interviewing John Stamos sometime in the next week weeks.
  5. I get more done with I don't leave the house, I've realized.
  6. Even if no one is in the room, I still feel a bit uncomfortable about playing Mario Kart with excessively pink characters.
  7. Jackson Publick of "Venture Bros." fame isn't returning my calls, but I hope he does because I think I could knock that interview out of the park.
  8. I think I should wake up early on Thursdays, if only because I get horribly depressed when the new Independent comes out with none of my articles in it. I think I'd be better off if I delayed that reaction for as long as possible.
  9. I'm Tina Fey's friend on MySpace now.
And yes, I technically did this a few weeks ago in tenfold, but there's nothing wrong with sharing. There's not!

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