Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stay Here Until We Reach Idaho

I’ve uploaded my one thousandth picture to my Flickr account. It’s been just over a year that I’ve used the site to store my photos and I wasn’t keeping track of how many I’d uploaded, so I was quite surprised to see the little number next to the “your photos” text to employ four digits.

I’d though we could have a little slideshow to commemorate the occasion.

The first photo

house on the hill

The one-thousandth photo

roofline at night

My ten most interesting photos, according to the Flickr interestingometer

jellyfish diagram


chief, again

handwriting meme

hippie lady at hell's gate

dogs riding sheep!

marcy's mouth

dead jill

crazy kangaroo junk

A few photos that undeservedly register little interest and that I think more people should look at

junebug and ''citizen kane''

deer going up the mountain

a tiny shoe

car wash 1

time lapse no. 3

the dragonfly

alley at night

My ten favorite photos

orange and first rain

the barn

the crow tree from my bedroom window

cotton candy

cousin sam

broken door on a hillside

train tracks

little friend and the hills

broken mary

astral girl aly

My ten most-viewed photos

the shower scene

the bra fence

jellyfish diagram

dina at the bra fence

damsel in a tree

our feet

kristen with dogbaby

kristen on the ground

scary phone call

pretty christmas lady doll

The photos that have drawn the most comments (a tie, at six each)

chief, again

my first cockroach

My most favorited photo

jellyfish diagram

Photos that gained popularity, I suspect, merely through appealing to various sexual appetites

kristen and dina at the whitehaven lookout

our feet

cowboy boots drew

trash bunny gets serviced

dina at the bra fence

pretzel hilly 1

damsel in a tree

odd australian mushrooms

dead jill

jill's hair

mike blows on my game boy

kristen with a ball

sleeping ugly

dina, dendrophile

we, like frats guys

crazy kangaroo junk

And, of course, what photo retrospective would be complete without this?

moe and

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  1. That picture of Kristen playing so very, very happily with the ball while the killer is about to get his stabby on? Fucking awesome. High five.