Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Skirts Don't Blog

A strange thought upon pondering Technorati: it’s misogynist.

Supposedly, Technorati keeps track of the blogs that links to me. I’ve always known that it excluded quite a few, however, but merely assumed that it was some kind of technical failing. In truth, Technorati would apparently rather that the fairer sex kept their journals to themselves.

A short list of the people who link to me but whose blogs don’t show up on the Technorati link list:
Technorati’s message is clear: “Go bake a bundt cake, sister, and leave blogging to the men.”


  1. That seems about right. I don't care for bundt cake though.

    How about pie?

  2. That's kind of crazy. I might have to have words with them.

  3. my lack of technorati-ness might be because the link to you is on a non-blog page; i'm not sure how much of my site they index. technorati sucks anyway.

    you know, i went to one of the daily nexus training sessions that you did last year. but i didn't say hi because that would have been weird.

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Despite my blatant exclusion from Technorati, I do gain some enjoyment from the fact that, at least here, I'm known as "London Meg".

    Hi Drew :)