Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pakistani Go Go Dancer

Good news, everybody. Little Hasan — the neighborhood rapscallion who I watched grow up and who once snatched a cooling huckleberry pie from my window sill — is all grown up, as of today. You see, Little Hasan has his first blog.
[ link: Mr. Hasan's Super Go Go Politico Round-Up of Important Things ]
It seems like just yesterday Hasan was running to the swimming hole to catch bullfrogs, but I guess those idyllic times can’t last forever.

A major plus: Hasan’s blog bio includes the note “Shh — don't tell Hasan there are already 55 million blogs.” This prompted me to look at my Technorati profile. Currently, the Back of the Cereal Box is ranked among the 128,828th most popular blogs. I find this impressive, anyway. But how long until Hasan beats me?

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