Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One Snort of Horse

Florrie Fisher, the real-life basis for Jerri Blank, now presented with video of her motivational movie, "The Trip Back," in which she details her youth of drug addiction. This video was shown to young people throughout the nation during the late 60s, which is why no one did drugs in the 70s. This video represents the first third of the entire film, but a minute or so will give you the idea.

To me, she sounds a lot like Judge Judy. So weird to see that haircut and those earrings and have the face attached to them not be that Amy Sedaris whine. I first wrote about Ms. Fisher in November of last year in a post titled "I Stole the TV," which basically consisted of a link to her Wikipedia entry. Since then, the article has been updated with the info that nobody knows what happened to her. She may have fled her past and assumed a new identity or she may have died in the late 80s. Regardless, the ambiguity has led me to explore two interested Wikipedia categories: Possibly Living People and Disappeared People. Fun stuff.

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