Monday, October 16, 2006

Extra Kitty

At work. Typie typie. Then Tito trots in. One of the boss’s two cats — and perhaps the one that vanished a few weeks ago but I’m not sure since neither I nor the cats themselves can differentiate at this point. He walks to where we keep the super-big power strip that all the important computer drives plug into and begins talking. Very plainly, Kitty Faces says “wow wow wow wow wow wow wow,” but in growly cat voice. Then he pukes.

I didn’t realize that cats can talk, much less say “wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.” And I certainly didn’t realize that such a statement was meant to be interpreted as “Excuse me, please. I’m about to blammo more than you’d think a cat could.” But it did.

This story doesn’t really go anywhere, but it’s meant to introduce the portion of the evening where I discuss the strange feline happenings at work. Easily, the best cat-related event so far has to be the arrival of Sekhmet. She belongs to some unknown neighbor — I don’t know who — and apparently said neighbor was particularly enamored with the Egyptian goddess of bloodshed, menstruation and revenge. And she wandered into the house through a open door, as strange neighborhood cats often do.

Now, I am not a cat person by any means, but despite Sekhmet’s mythological associations, she proved to be most amicable. The little lady literally wouldn’t leave me alone for the entire duration of the work day. She hopped onto my leg and begged for attention. She rolled and mewed. She even climbed up onto my shoulder and sat parrot-on-a-pirate-like for a good ten minutes as I desperately tried to convince Dreamweaver to do my bidding.

No, Sekhmet didn’t talk or puke or anything memorable in the way Tito (Puente?) did, but she did refuse to leave my side. And somehow, in that brief period, I came to love her. Honestly, she’s a beautiful cat, as much as cats can be beautiful, anyway. In the end, I abandoned any hope of doing work and took to the visitor with my camera phone. What’s below is the result of this impromptu photo session.

The final of these photos somehow took on a bluish light, perhaps due to the crappiness of my cell phone camera. The overall look somehow reminds me of an 80s sitcom. As a result, I give you the following as a closer for the night:

"Why not?" I respond.
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