Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't Mind the Passive Aggression

Leave for the weekend and what do I return to? Defamatory comments about my writing style. On LiveJournal no less!
[ link: "don't mind the meandering" ]
Scroll down to the comments section. And here I thought I was being charmingly anecdotal.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Ha... ahhh... yeah...
    The point was, I was directing the girl to a review of the Book Eaters Tour, and your post could be--to "normal" people--seen as "meandering." Not me, of course.
    To wit, I didn't even bother to point out Dina's Book Eaters post which is mainly about "poo" and full of vaguely lesbian undertones directed at Aimee Mann.

  2. It's cool. I appreciate that my writing style has to be prefaced for the "normals." In any case, I especially enjoy that you've managed to passively ding poor Dina in the process of explaining the original comment. Ha. Dig deeper, woman. Dig deeper.zn

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