Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What's New, Canada Sue?

misterbrief: hey, i have a cat!
kidicarus222: !
kidicarus222: !!!
kidicarus222: what do you call it?
misterbrief: still working on that
misterbrief: she actually just moved in yesterday
kidicarus222: how about "drew"?
misterbrief: but YOU're drew!
misterbrief: i'll get confused dear
misterbrief: and you'll NEVER hear from me
misterbrief: cuz i'll always think "i see drew all the time"
kidicarus222: how about "pepper"?
misterbrief: hmmm, my best friend had a dog named pepper
kidicarus222: how about "terrence"?
misterbrief: she's a girl cat
misterbrief: I'd be ok with terrence, but others would get confused
kidicarus222: how about "the black dahlia"?
misterbrief: see, i don't want to say yes to any of these, because i want to see what you come up with next
kidicarus222: how about "mrs. leonard panaggio"?
misterbrief: getting closer
kidicarus222: how about "jessie's baby girl angel muffin"?
misterbrief: ewwww
misterbrief: most decidedly not
kidicarus222: how about "clitty kitty, the whorish cat"?
misterbrief: my parents are going to meet this animal drew
misterbrief: let's keep it PG, or at the least rated M for Mature
misterbrief: (do you have that down here? or is that a Canuck thing?)
kidicarus222: (yes, we have that here)
kidicarus222: how about "heroine," so you can yell for her when she goes missing?
misterbrief: also promising
misterbrief: still missing a je ne sais quoi
kidicarus222: how about "hortense the mule-faced cat"?
misterbrief: i'm laughing too hard to respond
misterbrief: which is freaking out poor hortense
kidicarus222: how about "stupid kitty garbage face"?
misterbrief: see, that's the kind of cat name i expect from you
kidicarus222: how about "lady diana spencer"?
misterbrief: nope
kidicarus222: how about "lady diana spencer 2"?
misterbrief: nope nope
misterbrief: though maybe "lady spencer diana"...
kidicarus222: how about "petronella"?
misterbrief: very timely
kidicarus222: how about "prunella"?
misterbrief: very pruney
misterbrief: Melanie's planning a visit
misterbrief: though only very vaguely
kidicarus222: my old DC roommate adam actually works very close to where melanie works in SF
misterbrief: fascinating
misterbrief: do they cross paths at all?
kidicarus222: yes, and they did so very recently
kidicarus222: how about "ana ng"?
misterbrief: persistent little bugger, aren't you?

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  1. And now, for a complete non sequitir:

    I'd learned that FUCK was an acronym for Fornication Under Consent of the King, and was a recall to Edward Longshanks' insidious order concerning the Scots.

    Also, I think "fuck you" is definately aggressive only in a purely connotative and cultural sense, and just as "motherfucker" becomes "father" when you break it down, "fuck you" loses its fangs upon linguistic analysis.