Saturday, September 09, 2006

Too Blue?

New blog background. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Other Back of the Cereal Box tech news: I've added a link to the public display of my Bloglines account to my sidebar, under the heading "Bloggery." This system works kind of link Outlook Express, only for syndicated blog feeds and not nearly as crappy. Now, if you're so inclined, you can read what I read.
[ link: so much more bloggery ]


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    i think this blue is a nice color and that rentalcarbashing talk is TEH BULLSHITZ!!@!

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Background image is an improvement, font color is headache-inducing.

  3. Background is very nice, but try varying your font colors. It's kind of garrish, but better than that green you were using.

  4. Specifics, people. When you say to vary my font colors, do you mean the white or the blue?

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    The white text doesn't really bother me much, but that aqua reminds me of a 1986 bridesmaid dress pooled around the ankles of some poor girl with big thighs and no self-esteem getting banged by a bus boy (not even a waiter, tsk-tsk) at a tropical-themed restaurant that inexplicably has "Miami" in its name on a Saturday night after the bride and groom have just ridden off into the sunset in a flamingo-pink Cadillac and the bridesmaid is like: "It's NEVER going to be ME!" until she sees that bus boy through the haze of her neon-blue cocktail and ushers him into the dusty pink and dusty rose colored bathroom for a quick pick me up which she'll hate herself for later while she's sitting on her white pleather couch at home, alone again, with nothing for comfort but a pack of rice cakes that she's using to scoop Neopolitan ice cream out of a gallon-sized bucket while crying and watching Working Girl for the 47th time which is actually impossible because that movie came out in 1988 and this is 1987.
    But that's probably just me.