Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today's Gemini of Weird

Because I like to force the unreasonably quirky side of the universe down your throats, please observe these two fine specimens:
[ link: "Reincarnation," the blog ]
I found this using the "next blog" button on the Blogger navbar, which, as always, yielded results not unlike looking into the basin of a port-a-potty. You know you shouldn't bother to look, but you can't resist the urge to check out what someone with your same urges and needs might have done with you're not looking. Yikes. I can't imagine what the Asian characters printed in this blog might indicate, but the way creepy image and the sole blurb of English text — "copycat, LICKING MY HEAD!!" — leads me to believe that I'd be better off not investigating.

And, also, a certain bloggist who's been commenting on the Back of the Cereal Box as of late:
[ link: Pet Confessions ]
I shudder to think what dark, creative mind thought to print the secret thoughts of our furry companions, but I'm glad they did. It's a sillier version of PostSecret. If you've ever wanted to learn the inner workings of a Republican iguana, take the energy to click the link.

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  1. "sillier version of Postsecret" hit it right on the head!
    I guess Im just one of those asses that finds humor worthy inspiration from that oh so "serious" site ;D