Saturday, September 09, 2006

That Wide-Eyed Margot Kidder-in-a-Bush Look

rentalcarbashing: hey
rentalcarbashing: I read your blog
rentalcarbashing: how come you never post conversations we have?
kidicarus222: um, i thought I did
kidicarus222: in fact, i'm pretty sure i must have at one point
rentalcarbashing: who's this sanam chick anyway?
kidicarus222: she's like a friend. we used to hook up back in the day, but that's over since she started shooting up
rentalcarbashing: well fuck her
kidicarus222: time was
kidicarus222: did you ever think that maybe i don't post our conversations because whenever we talk you talk about your thing?
rentalcarbashing: my thing?
kidicarus222: your sickness?
kidicarus222: i don't know how to refer to it
rentalcarbashing: i don't think i'm sick
kidicarus222: you're the only one
kidicarus222: have you thought about seeing somebody about that?
kidicarus222: like a doctor?
rentalcarbashing: i don't need a doctor
kidicarus222: you need help, man
rentalcarbashing: it's really hard loving something that doesn't love you back
kidicarus222: i couldn't imagine
kidicarus222: you know, the whole thing totally puts into perspective that day we went to aquarium
rentalcarbashing: it had to come out some time
kidicarus222: and your obsession with narwhals
rentalcarbashing: they're so pointy
kidicarus222: stop
kidicarus222: i can't deal with the details
rentalcarbashing: they have horns like unicorns
kidicarus222: please
kidicarus222: it's not normal
rentalcarbashing: i just need to find someone to go with to the aquariums here
kidicarus222: good luck, sicko
kidicarus222: actually
kidicarus222: it occurs to me that sanam lives in new york now too
kidicarus222: did you know that?
rentalcarbashing: i did not
kidicarus222: you should hit each other up
kidicarus222: i think you two might have a lot in common

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