Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Come On Now, Sugar

The good news: Back-up is still alive, despite weeks of his owners apparently neglecting him as they run around pseudo-San Diego, solving mysteries. Indeed, the coming of the third season of "Veronica Mars" is upon us. For those of you who have read my frothing praise of the series and haven't managed to catch an episode, you no longer have an excuse: the season three premiere is available it its totality, online, for free, well before its actual TV airing in October, and with snazzy but somber new opening credits.
[ link: TV Buzz @ MSN ]
A small bit of bad news: Gia Goodman is nowhere to be seen. Another bad bit: you have to bring up the page in Internet Explorer in order to see the episode. Despite this bygone browser's inherent suckiness, I heartily recommend giving the episode, "Welcome Wagon," a once-through. It details the first days of Veronica's life at college, and conveniently doesn't delve so much into the mysteries of the previous season's mysteries that it would spoil the viewing of them. Okay, it name checks the killer in season two, sure, but this is as good a chance as any to support one of the best shows on TV.

Really, this is the right thing to do.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this info! I've been dying for the new season to start.

  2. Anonymous1:23 AM

    u should blog about the REAL drew, who am me and not about ur stupid life!!!

  3. Fascinting. This person actually has the gall to post in your own blog, and, if I understand the drivel correctly, claim to be you.

    I keep visualizing a certain Far Side comic that depicted a person whose right hand was playing paddle-ball, and whose left hand was writing out "Tonight, I strike! The right hand won't know what hits it!"

    And hey, thanks for posting the link to Veronica Mars. My work schedule has prevented me from checking this show out, until now.