Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's Gusty Taste Like?

kidicarus222: you're sure signing on and off a lot tonight
supersanam: my computer keeps inexplicably restarting
supersanam: my apologies
kidicarus222: yikes
kidicarus222: something you did?
supersanam: all that porn I've been downloading probably gave me a virus
supersanam: oh, the irony
kidicarus222: no such thing as safe sex
kidicarus222: hey, are you by any chance repeatedly clicking the "restart" feature on your computer?
kidicarus222: becuase that will do it
supersanam: say, that's it!
supersanam: you're a genius, drew
kidicarus222: well, i have a knack with machines
kidicarus222: if that doesn't work, try taking out the cartridge and blowing on the connectors
supersanam: good call
kidicarus222: so, uh... do you like... stuff?
supersanam: some of it
kidicarus222: like, asian part? you know, of stuff?

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