Friday, August 04, 2006


In an effort to protect the identity of this AIM user, her name has been digitally altered.

kidicarus222: but, as i've been saying a lot lately, it is what it is
kidicarus222: i think it's a smart thing to say
shanampooptri: fair enough, drew
shanampooptri: fair enough
kidicarus222: as it were
shanampooptri: hoisted by my own petard
kidicarus222: c'est la vie!
shanampooptri: que sera
kidicarus222: bucket of nails! fly that to witchita!
shanampooptri: the fish flies at midnight
kidicarus222: snakes on a plane
shanampooptri: I believe I can fly
kidicarus222: did you ever know that you're my hero?
shanampooptri: crack is whack
kidicarus222: just say no
shanampooptri: just do it
kidicarus222: just a little dab'll do ya
shanampooptri: too legit to quit
kidicarus222: sit on it and spin
shanampooptri: suck it up and spit it out
kidicarus222: say it, don't spray it
shanampooptri: c'est la vie
shanampooptri: (I win!)
kidicarus222: i already said that, cracker ass
shanampooptri: I made it a full circle.

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